COOL. CALM. very COLLECTED. Abstract Painter

ME is an abstract painter renowned for her vivid canvases that brim with lively brushstrokes, fluid lines, suggestive shapes, and uplifting colors. Her artistic career began at the age of eight, and since then, she has earned widespread recognition from both the art and design communities.

Her work is highly sought-after by private and corporate collectors, and is showcased in galleries and museums worldwide. It is also regularly featured in commercial, residential, and hospitality designs, and is part of luxury retail product lines and designer exclusive collections. Her paintings have been seen in various media platforms, including magazines, first-class hotels, movies, and TV shows.

Throughout her career, she has gained a reputation for her creative mindset, and regularly speaks about how small acts of creativity can lead to significant personal and professional achievements. Currently, she works from a spacious factory studio located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.